Can't send planes to JFK

Hi! I seem to no be able to figure out why I can’t send my planes to JFK from IAD. I have the A19N and CRJ7 and I can’t send any of them, it even isn’t on the list of opened/closed destinations, although I have unlocked and available slot JFK. Any ideas why?

It’s a maintenance destination, you can only send your aircraft there when it’s due.

How does that explain it though, Seattle is a maintenence destination, yet my planes can go there on normal flights almost everyday

It doesn’t really explain your question but it does to the post as to why you can’t send to JFK. There are a few airports where you can do both (ATL & PDX off the top of my head) but the devs have decided JFK is maintenance only, maybe as we already have EWR.

Alright, thank you very much, will keep in mind when buying destinations next time!