Cargo in MSY?

Next airport is going to be New Orlean’s airport and I’m wounder if from releasing it will have cargo or it we will have to wait a few days/weeks to get cargo, i saw shill saying In one discussion that on BRI you are working on cargo but I’ve would like to know MSY will have from beginning (I assume this airport have cargo zones)

And also whean you will release it? Is there a chase it will come out in this month?


Hey there, I’m sure the Devs can’t yet give an exact release date yet but keep on watching for an announcement! The other question about MSY having cargo on the start won’t get a great answer because adding cargo will delay development by quite a bit.

Thanks - Jamster

New Orlean’s is not next airport - Nagoya is.
Work is not started on that one - releasing quickly new airports one by one never was priority.
If cargo will be there - not sure. Maybe if Long haul cargo connections are finished by then.

I would not count on next airport for at least 2-3 months from now. Maybe later.


In my opinion, this is totally fine. I mean, Washington plus the other 3 initial airports are big and entertaining enough for now. It is useless to add new airports continuously if the various features (aircrafts, liveries, facilities) doesn’t get a “boost” at all first. :muscle:


Nagoya, a one runway airport. Are we getting smaller airports as new additions?

We are getting another continent airport to spread the traffic. Noone also said every next airport will be bigger :slight_smile:


When is msy set to be available

Next airport is Nagoya - works on it not yet started - should not be expected earlier than 2+ months (very optimistic).

Following airports - something in middle east most probably. MSY is scent of far future.