Cargo planes arrival

I have unlocked a slot for cargo planes (small) at Innsbruck airport but i dont find any cargo planes arriving at the airport. Let me know if i am missing something and to how make sure that cargo planes arrive at the airport

You probably don’t have any cargo routes

Liege is a good route, try unlocking it

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You need to unlock a Arrival Slot for a Cargo Plane like BAe146-F
You can check the INN Wiki for Destinations with Cargo
Connectivity > All Destinations > List of All Destinations

Have the same difficulty, but with BRI. But I still don’t understand the connections philosophy: I unlock the Arrival for money and the planes start to arrive, ok. But Destination? Usually a plane that arrives also departs when handling is finished and I get my money. What’s the destination slot for? What does it give me Arrival doesn’t?

Ok, got it explained here

Ok I unlocked and now i have cargo planes transit but how can i find which destinations have cargo planes arrival can u explain? For Liege i knew because u told me how can i find it myself??

You have to check each airport one by one to see if they have cargo plane arrivals.
Some destinations like Madrid don’t have cargo plane arrivals, while destinations like Frankfurt have cargo arrivals.
You can check which airports have cargo arrivals specifically from the airport list(highlighted in pink), and clicking on every single airport to see if you can unlock cargo arrivals from that destination.
For example, since the WBL B462F is unlockable at Frankfurt, I now know this airport has a cargo plane arrival unlock.

However, destinations like Barcelona doesn’t have a cargo unlock; only the IBERIA CRJ and ATR land. So ultimately you have to check and see each airport one by one.

So WBL B462F in every airport is a cargo plane ??

Yes, all WDL B462F are S-sized cargo airplanes. The other S-sized cargo plane is the TNT B462F.

What i recently discovered is that all the plane names that end with F for M & S sized plane are cargo planes if u see Fedx also it ends with F at the end of the name so it is easy to know which are cargo and u can unlock them first

I call them the Waddles because they all look like Ducks.

East Midlands in the UK is also a Freight airport.