Got BRI going, but no cargo

I started Bari some days ago, have some S, M and the two L stands working. With the income I bought a M cargo stand but I never get a plane. I also unlocked the second arrival slot but I never get two planes in holding, not even a pax plane, so it seems kind of useless. Then I thought I had to buy the second terminal for cargo to be handled but no. So what am l doing wrong?

Unfortunately, simply purchasing an M cargo stand and/or adding a second arrival slot will not be enough for an M cargo plane to land at your airport. You also need to “unlock” the M cargo planes from your destination manager tab. As you can see from this picture since I have the DHL B738F “unlocked,” I can service this plane when it lands.

I hope this explanation helped.

Ok, this doesn’t make very much sense, but if that’s the way it is…

Since we’re at it: I don’t quite understand the connections page, on the left hand side are the airports, do I unlock the arrivals FROM or AT the particular airport? Talking about BRI, do I have to search BRI at the left side and then unlock generically traffic arrival and departure or do I just choose any one of them for traffic to/ from BRI?
And how comes I get worldwide traffic from S M L pax planes without having unlocked anything in the connections page yet? I have ANA, Alitalia, United, Icelandair traffic coming in unasked (and how I’d expected it to be anyhow - I wouldn’t know of any airport paying for connections to other airports, its the airlines that pay for slots).
It’s not clear at all how this works.

When you select a destination and unlock an arrivals connection (let’s say an A320 Delta DAL420 from JFK), that means you’re allowing that specific flight number (of that airline and plane type) to land at your airport, and that same flight will go back to where it came from (and I totally agree it should be the airline buying a slot from you and giving you the money)
and when you unlock a departures slot, you are basically buying a slot at a destination (ex. to JFK) for your fleet plane to land at

All playable airports have some already unlocked destinations so it can get you going. You can’t expect what flight will come next (unless its a player connection plane you can tap the radar to show a list)

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Ok, so Arrival is for any planes to arrive, Departure is for MY planes to have a destination. This should be explained somehow in the game. As it is it’s counterintuitive.

It is, just tap the ? on the top left corner and read the part you need help with

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Yes, you are right, but it is kind of difficult to read and properly understand the help text while the game in the background is running away. Is should definitely get paused while accessing the help and other menus

I would recommend to some kind of pause and then read. I totally agree. Especially the S-tier planes. While I am on minigame.