Cargo Planes

Two stupid questions:
I see there are M-Cargo planes to unlock at the BRI Arrival slots but there are no M Cargo stands at BRI right?

And I can’t find any destinations with cargo M planes from NGO, but having a lot of M stands… Am I wrong?



Probably some mistakes in arrival list will be looked into.

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Just noticed the same in INN, there is a 738CG to unlock from AMS but no M-cargo stand available.

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why we cant buy cargo planes at PRG?

You can unlock S/M and X cargo planes at PRG.

Just the S-Cargo stands are missing right now.

I think the table is the same on any airport. You are free to unlock the M-cargo but it would be useless in INN.

nope , that is slots , but I talk about our planes

Well, own cargo planes aren’t part of the game at all right now…