Cargo Problem IAD


is there any chance to increase the number of cargo workers at Washington?
Since there is Cargo traffic in IAD I am running in some delays :smiley:


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Just handle planes not as soon as possible. Finally there is a reason to use all and use effectively (before 7 tops was more than enough).

I expected exactly this answer from you. That seems to be your solution for everything. :smiley: To be honest that is easy for you to say but no solution at all, because an empty airport is just no fun.

By the way I never use the speed up button at IAD and most of the times I have almost no planes in a landing queue.

Again just look at the numbers:
You have created a new terminal with 18 new cargo based stands plus the former 22 L/XL so a total of 40 stands which need cargo handling twice per plane. And especially the Cargo 747s need a lot of time to be handled. But still there are only 20 workers… If the worker of an airport can only handle 50% of the capacity there is something wrong.

I haven’t even unlocked all of the cargo stands because I knew this problem will come at some point. Especially because all the cargo planes arrive in a row.

So please just re-think about increasing the number of workers. Otherwise I have to extend my fleet and ban most of the generic traffic. Unfortunately I don’t want to do that, because I like to have generic traffic at my airports.

Thanks again for your help!


There is no sloution that would fit all - with 500.000k accounts i do believe 50% of players will always have different opinion.

When cap is 50 - then we have whole different part of players complaining it is bad because there is no use of it and they purchased all of them for nor reason (it already happened with current cap before expansion for cargo which is proven in couple of hunderts of private messages on facebook for literally anything some individuals does not like).

I run IAD at the higest speed the runway can handle. I have had 12 cargo airplanes at the same time and a lot of X and L airplanes next to that.
I have not (yet) ran into this capacity problem.

But… it would just add some challenge to the game, doesn’t it :wink:

Where can I found cargo at IAD?
I don’t see any cargo ramp…

Tnx found it…

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Where is it please

on the right side of the landing runway in the northern part

Hi and welcome,

the cargo terminal is located there. :innocent:

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