Cargo question

This might sound like a stupid question but I see everyone talking about cargo planes. How do you get them? Or do they just show up?

Eva :slight_smile:

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Which Airport are you playing?
Because they only appear at INN and BRI.

And very soon at PRG. You need to purchase cargo stands - otherwise they will not come even to INN/BRI.

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Using PRG at the moment.

Even in my BRI I am not getting Cargo…

Thats quite impossible i have 4 cargo stands in BRI and they are comming regularly.

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cargo stands in BRI are in the top right section (400 stands). They are S-stands so just look at S where you buy additional stands and scroll to the right.


Thanks! Now I have two, so do I just wait for them to come?

Eva :slight_smile:

yes, they will come sooner or later :grin:

I’ve got them a PRG. All I did was buy the terminal on the far end (west end) past the gates where there’s an empty space and i just had to buy the stands and bam ive gotten cargo stands M-L-X ( i found a DHL 777F that can come. Just had to look)

Perhaps because you dont have a route that sends out cargo aircraft. I’d suggest looking through your routes

Sorry to break it to you but they have lond solved it, a year ago

Oh ok. Thanks for telling me