I have been wondering… what is the use of the cargo section? The stands are much more expensive than the passenger stands and the aircrafts give the same amount of money as their passenger equivalent. As well as that, it hardly helps with the passenger numbers for the current airport to progress to the next one, only providing about a handful of ‘passengers’.

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I belive the best use of cargo is your own cargo fleet. A cargo fleet gives more money the closer the destination is. But with a PAX fleet it gives more the further you go(got from YT). So if your looking for money use the cargo stands for your own cargo fleet.

Also with the PAX, not necessarily as a 734 from NGO to IAD is only more than a flight to SIN by a few hundred and the flight times are halved.

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oh, ok

I built the cargo stands after I made enough progress in my airports. They don’t earn much money with generic planes, but even an AT43F gives you good money in short range flights.

cargo is expensive to set up, but is profitable because the turnarounds are a lot quicker, only really having to wait for the up and down Cargo. 748’s are in the 25 minute total range. I always have some of a fleet because they do make decent money, but also if passenger spots are limited, like SAN L and X for example, you can send 2 more a L Cargo and a X Cargo , so send 6 and you are still not overloading your connection partner.

Buy a bigger plane as in B752F, B738F, B733RR or something that will generate additional W$. Them S planes don’t bring in that money.

Even if you buy all M on those S/M pads check other destinations for larger Civil planes to handle.

Buying other destinations run you @2500-10K on some and @20-30K per under Arrivals from close key spots for OWNED FLEETS.

W$ Maintenance: BUY A PLANE THAT WILL HELP BUILD WEALTH. Maintain a spread of more than above W$- $500,000.00 as a cushion, from playing. Sub out the S planes for M Civil planes x3 and reinvest as you get above W$-$750K.

738F isn’t a good earner. It’s much more expensive to buy than the 734/F but doesn’t provide commensurately more revenue.

Agree. I have spent too much W$ on M/F planes of which replaced them with L plane in my price range.

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