Categories for livery suggestions

  1. The problem
    New Airline liveries and aircraft - #257 by Ecoaviation has a lot of posts. And the number of posts will only increase. As a consequence it’s very tedious to check if the livery you’re suggesting has been suggested already or not. I imagine once the devs look into this thread to see all the suggested liverys they’ll be overwhelmed as well.

  2. My suggestion
    I think categories like in portal should be added. So airline liveries would be separated into which continent the airline is from. This would help both the community and the devs. The community doesn’t need to check every post but instead only the posts from the relevant continent. The same applies to the devs. If they want to add more liveries for DEL they will probably focus on liveries from the Asian category.


I agree, and this sounds like a great fix.

I agree, there is a lot of posts, and I think that they weren’t expecting that many livery suggestions. That sounds like a great idea

Agree the new liverys and aircraft is awkward and would be nice to separate by continents and it would also be nice to add a similar new livery but is from the same airline not a completely new airline I took 4 as an example from @LGallard and @Ecoaviation they have the same airline but have different liverys and Colours

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Could have sent me a direct message on this. But I will take a look at splitting it out a bit further as part of some additional rework I need to do on categorization here.
It’s not a bad idea, just needs thinking through from a set up perspective

I’ll keep that in mind for next time!