Centract reward Bug?

If i finished the Airplane and the airplane leave my airport i didnt get reward in contracts? Where is the problém? Thanjá

Když dodelam letadlo a odlétá pryč, tak mi nenaskočí odměna v kontaktech… co s tím?

You only get rewards apart from Wollars when you complete the contract in full. You will not get XP and Silver planes each time apart from the first time.
Generic aircraft or your fleet you get rewards after handling
1, then 2, then 3 then 4 all the way to 10.
Other player aircraft it’s after 10
Event aircraft or Random other players are a single time

Generic aircraft get rewards after handling the required totals
Own aircraft get rewards after the required totals but before handling

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Get Your Contract Admin All Green
I have face a similar issue that I brought it upon here, basically, Get Your Contract Admin All Green, then you can your rewards, the update makes you need to grind a lot.