Change of jargon used

It has always bugged me that a plane says “takeoff” when I am done services. Airplanes do NOT take off from a gate… They “Pushback” from a gate.

If the game supposed to be somewhat realistic… I suggest changing “takeoff” to “pushback”

Well after pushback they takeoff.

But in game you see takeoff… then taxi to runway. That doesn’t really make any sense now does it.

Having personally worked on handling aircraft on the apron (which is why i like this game). It stands out to me.

It ought to be pushback…then taxi to runway… maybe takeoff if you wanna be granular but by the time the plane reaches the runway we don’t care anyway when you have 10 other planes to turnaround.


Well if you REALLY want to change this, you will have to incorporate a “taxi” command as well. You aren’t ATC, so the plane does everything automatically when it goes to take off.

Either way I doubt they would change this.

I’ve seen this, it doesn’t matter much. Maybe in a future update it will be changed.

basically you are right “first you request push-back, than taxi and takeoff” the question is, how deep devs need to grab into the code. They use their resources as reliable as possible to put new cool features and airplanes into the game. So if they have spend lot of time to change it, I will prefer let it for the future and put new airplane or new feature. Just my opinion.

Well… i wasn’t suggesting change it right away. However, it is something to consider for a future game update while tinkering with other things. After all this is the suggestions forum. Otherwise i like the game even tho it is a slow grind at the beginning of each airport.

@Kyle i wasn’t suggesting change of command. I know we are just handling. I will play UATC if i want to be in the tower.

What I am suggesting a change of a word. Since even on the apron we don’t say “takeoff” when the plane starts to move… lol

Well yeah I understand, it’s just that I don’t think the devs would change it now. I hope they do, as it would be more realistic, but for now I think it’s best to just keep playing the game :rofl:

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Yes… i intend to… The game is enjoyable. Look forward to future updates

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