Changing devices. Not accounts. Changing devices

Hey there.

I’ve been playing WoA for quite some time now and have max-leveled Prague and I’ve been working diligently to level up Washington. I haven’t started others yet. I usually like to max-level before starting a brand new airport. I’ve also sunk quite a bit of RL money into getting more licenses.

So it goes without saying – I don’t want to lose all the time and effort I’ve put into the game. Because, for some reason my Android tablet will NOT charge anymore. I’ve tried different cords and outlets. I’ve tried jiggling and wiggling the cord – all to no avail. It looks to me like it’s done. Which is ashame because it works fine. It just won’t charge.

What I’m trying to find out is how to switch my account from one device to another. Say, for instance, if I get a new Android tablet, how do I log into my existing airports at their existing levels? I don’t want to start all over again as a brand new 0 level player with no gold, silver airplanes left to spend. Right now I have around 60 golden and 60,000 silver airplaines.

I’ve looked on this forum, I’ve done “netwide” internet searches on how to do this, but the ONLY answer that continues popping up is how to change accounts. Well … I want to keep the account I have. I just need to know how to play on a new device with my old account from the previous device.

When I link my email address to the new device, will the game automatically know to use that WoA account on that device? I’m really rather desperate since I have a long stay in the hospital right now and playing WoA has been a big part of what I do to kill time. After all, the basic cable you get in the hospital – with the sound coming out of a single hand-held speaker – is terrible. Speakers from tablets are actually better!

So I beg and plead and throw all of my dignity out of the window in asking this question. If anyone can help, I’d love you forever!

Google Play Games Account, saved progress from there.

for apple it saves on diffrent acounts with game center so android would prob do the same