Chatbox at home page

I thought if we had a chatbox so multiple people can talk about what there plans are. Can we have something like this?


i wanted a chatbox with connection players


It wouldn’t work (in my opinion anyways), with time zones and many connections being spread out between players from all around the world, the feature would essentially be useless. It would be rare that both ends of the connection are active at the same time. Also with this forum and others methods of communication, it wouldn’t really be needed.


No. Only the ones who plays this game, they can chat with anyone.

I mean in truth anyone could join the forum including people who don’t play the game or used to play the game.

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Exactly, a chat is useless in game

OK, that makes sense. I understand now.

No I mean people who use the forum mainly don’t use the game and It’s rare to get someone who has a forum account in the game on “random connection”

Oh I see what you mean, yeah. Many forum members are no longer active, or only joined to report a bug. Then random connections. Well, simply good luck if you even get 1 flight handled…

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Maybe a “Profile” which is linked to details from your forum page

Like how to contact that person, what Airports they have, what’s their fleet like etc like how my forum bio is

If not linked to forum, just a inbuilt system will be good

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That kinda idea is good. Unless you are singed in you cannot chat.

Won’t fly (pun intended). Keeping track of your fleet(s) and keeping such a page up to date is not something most people has the endurence for.

Just seen you came second in the photo competition, congratulations

I meant something automatic-

forgot to mention that

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Thankyou Bro!!

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