Choose airlines serving an airport

Here’s another suggestion - apologies should this have been brought up before

How about you can choose airlines at an airport? E.g. you want to develop a low-cost hub, so you only want to allow low-cost airlines; you want to develop a Star Alliance hub, so you only want to allow Star Alliance airlines, …


well you can kind of do that now, apart from the system giving you the first plane at random, after that one, you are free to pick and choose whoever you want to turn up.

I would really like 2 things off the back of this post.

  1. The ability to pick the first one
  2. The ability to remove ones i no longer want/need.

Nice addition to my post - this is what I would like as well :slight_smile:

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With the new update, it turns out you lose status points when not accepting an incoming aircraft. As I have a certain strategy, I feel this becomes a little annoying. Especially at the smaller airports, I don’t always want low-cost airlines all the time :smile:

If only we’d be able to choose the airlines serving an airport…

Yeah, we have a preselected choice as our first airline and it’s always a Low-cost airline. Shame we can’t select the first airline for the route when we unlock it.

cough cough I thought United was based at IAD and Southwest is BWI. I think its the opposite except united isn’t IAD.

Southwest is Dallas Love Field (I think), United is ORD. I’m surprised we don’t have many UA flights from there in general. Devs seem to have got ORD as mostly American :confused:

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