Cinematic Edit - World of Airports

I got a little bored waiting for the update so I made a cinematic montage. Enjoy!

Video is shared with google drive link.


Camera glitch carrying once again😅

But overall this was super well made


Definitely 10/10 edits

Btw how to make the camera like that?

The way to get these ‘weird’ angles is to activate the camera glitch. The video above provides a tutorial of how to do so.

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How did you get your camera shots like that what :astonished:? Tell us

Ugh this again :tired_face:

Like I said and lots of people on this and different posts it is a camera glitch I will not tell you how to get into different camera angles

I’m not sure if it’s based on phone, version, or even airport, but I tried for a solid 20 mins at PRG to glitch the camera but no cigar :frowning:

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Lmao bad timing, glitch was removed this update


In memorial of the camera glitch :disappointed:

that yt vid will be in memorial … with others too