Classic Airliners and Liveries

What about to add classic airliners as B727, 737-200, 707, DC-10, 9, 7, L1049, Tupolev family etc. in past liveries of i.e. PanAm, CSA, Delta, Eastern, etc. It will be nice add to game either as regular lines or as special events.

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Devs have mentioned the idea of brining older planes once the current models have all been update but that’s not any time soon

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It should be in 6-8 months from what I’ve heard.

There is a potential different game or special airport that will have those aircraft in it, based around Kai Tak airport. But that hasn’t been cemented as a time-scale yet.

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As B727 and B737-200 still in service today they be ok for player aircraft and Be good if get a Canadian airport like Vancouver.

DC10 are still in service too.