Clearing a plane to land

When you clear a plane to land is there a way to see how far away or how long it will be before it lands?

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Yes when it is on final you can select it and go to full screen and see the landing.

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That’s not what he’s asking. He wants to know how long it takes from when you hit the clear to land button before it actually lands

The short answer to that question is you can’t, there are a lot of variables to include to figure that out.

  1. How many planes are in the queue before it
  2. Are there planes ready to take off
  3. What’s the setting you have for runway priority

Queue- if you have nothing in front of it and there are no departures. The plane will land instantly, if you have built up a large queue. It can be
Upwards of 30 minutes before a plane will land. Again if there are no take offs the gap between landings will be pretty much how long the previous aircraft takes to clear the runway. For example at PRG if you land a ATR72, it will clear quickly and your next one will come in right behind it. However if you land a 380, you have to wait until it goes all the way to the end of the runway before the next one arrives, thus extending the time of how long it will take.

Departures- If you have departures, the system is set to 1:1 as default meaning 1 arrival then 1 departure. This now means a landing plane will only happen 1/2 the time and thus it will take longer for the arriving planes to turn up

Priority- in a recent update we can now prioritize landings or departures up to 3:1. So if you have a few departures but a ton of arrivals set 3:1 and the planes will land quicker based on #1 philosophy above.

You could in theory time how long it takes, but given the variables that’s always going to be different.


I had my E190 which I had assigned almost a month ago and still has not landed.


That’s a thing???

Well, because of the enormous queue. If you don’t take care then so many planes want to land. I know understood and fixed. Once there were 60 planes incoming and some also needed to be assigned.