(Closed) A300 entering service

I got this A300 that is ready to go to a player. Who whant’s it?

HI ! send it to me if you want!! Shadownik87 - PRG . Thank you

It can’t reach there unfortunately

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If you don’t mind me asking, what configuration are you using on it? They can fly to BRI and you can send an A300 from PRG

I’ll check

It’s currently 345 the maximum it can fit but when I did the configuration to PRG it gives me a ridiculously low 85 wollers

Send it to me at Muscat if it can reach my username is 6441009686

I’ll try tomorrow evening as obviously in the morning my normal routine returns

No problem :+1:

I use a config of 4 first and 16 business on my A300s, so that might work for shorter routes like PRG. Just thought I’d check up on it

Well I tried it and still it eather has a warning or I make little profit, the only place it works well is Bari which give me about 300W. But whatever as this aircraft is already taken

It won’t recognise your username

You forget to write the player it’s not complete you have to write player6441009686

Maybe next time include that part, cause why you wrote made it seem that your username was just the numbers