(Closed)Triple aircraft entering service

I got a ATR72, and A319 and a Q400 about to be assigned to anyone. Any takers?

Update Q400 and ATR72 has been taken.

You can send some to me at LON
Username is Player6441009686

LON?! Is it really an IATA code as I don’t know where this is!.
Now I will sent 1 but not all.

Good morning @Ecoaviation !! if you want you can send me A319? Now it’s 1.30pm at my place. I can only manage it tonight after 10pm :+1: due to work :sweat_smile:

ID: odREjiO16JQw0NkpJXTH


Thanks and good flights

What destination do you want my A319 to go?

@Ecoaviation PRG !! Thanks

Your going to have to assign the aircraft from PRG not to PRG.

It’s just the short form.

But still is not an IATA code like LHR or IAD

its LHR i guess , LON refers airports in london. only lhr is in game so it should be lhr

LHR username is kaseyap

Whats your username ill send one to you



Could you please send it to LHR as it is an airport I have high priority.

@Kaseyap today i requested a connection from MCT----please accept

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