Closing parking spot

Hello all is there a way to close or block a parking spot after buying it?
The idea is to stop getting small plaine in a big airfield?

Buying atr72 and place Them on the small parking spots. !Dont send these planes

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Not yet, just let a plane land there but don’t send it

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Here’s an example of my IAD. Sadly if/when they implement the automatic timer release, I will have to fill all of these (and others) with my own aircraft to keep the same effect.

LOL … looks like a radiated IAD :grin:

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Just curious. Why did you purchase all the stands if you are closing them now?

I had purchased them before i had figured out what a pain it would be to manage them with the massive delays at IAD for incoming planes. Once I realized, they all got blocked, although as you will see there is a group in the middle not highlighted, I actually went too far the other way and virtually no incoming, so I released the shackles of 12 M gates.

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I read somewhere that there may be a possibility in the future to “close” unneeded gates. Hopefully at the same moment that the “stay at gate” time will be limited. Otherwise we will pay penalties all the time for our initial “mistakes”.


Found the mention!

@shill is this still under consideration?

Especially the second part which could be killing two birds with one stone

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