Clouded skies over IAD / Backlog of arriving aircraft

First of all thanks for the 1.24 update which killed the jams on the taxiway, made the game more stable (just one crash after a few hours), new connections for M & L aircraft and the lovely Frontier liveries.

But does anybody else has the same problem with a huge amount of backlog of arriving aircrafts or did devs change the timers for arriving aircraft and/or speed of landing? When having normal configuration of the timers (no speed up or hold button) I’m creating a backlog of about 10 aircraft per hour. Right now I’m having 50 aircrafts waiting for landing and this will lead to a waiting time of about 30 minutes until the aircraft makes touchdown after I’ve pressed the clear to land button. You can minimize the backlog a bit by using the hold button but while the hold button is active you don’t get the (50%) reward which decreases income a lot. It would be interesting to know if others have the same experience.

At least i’m using gates now that I’ve never used before :grinning:

Probably due to yesterdays issue they are piling up… nothing was changed for arrivla timers speed up.

Same experience. Love the game even more for that. Its more chalanging now.

definitely not, it took me 2 hours last night to clean up the mess I’ve created, but after playing this morning I had this huge queue again :smiley:

It definitely is a new challenge. btw: if you’re looking for a really cool challenge, fill up your gates, clear the game data and all your handled aircraft will be resetted as if they have just landed :grinning: