Coloring a livery in hanger is not well explained and cost me 1 gold plane

I tried to change the color of my fleet and bought the Basic livery. Then I wanted to change red color to blue stock color. Hence I selected blue and I was asked to spent 1 gold plane. I though this is the price to unlock this feature and I aggreed and applied the change. But then it changed the color to yellow and now I have a second yellow tile and lost one gold plane. Want annyoes me most is the information I got from youtube today. In one of the videos I was told that changing to one of the stock colors is for free. Beside of the fact the the usability is not perfect and at some point an error occured I like to get rid of the second yellow tile and kindly ask to get my gold plane back.

Please have a look at my attached screenshot.

Please post this in the provided thread (in this case it would be the interface thread)

As for your issue, I have no idea, your wording is a little confusing

This is not a bug, and I have moved it from that section accordingly. You have complete control over what colors you pick and choose and it will always ask you if you want to spend the gold plane and you have to agree to it. End of story.
If you want to get your gold plane back. I recommend you try to email the devs at and you can discuss it with them directly.

That doesn’t mean that it is well explained and as I wrote: I selected the stock color blue, not a custom yellow one. But in the end I got a second yellow (as you can see in my screenshot). Hence it is either a bug in the application or it is a usablity bug as I am 100% sure that I selected the stock blue color. And, as far as I can tell you: a usability bug is always a bug of the application too.

And, not the end of the story. I was told that you don’t have to pay for the six stock colors provided by the app and that you can change between those six colors as many times as you want. Even the first time. Is this true or not?

Hi, thanks for taking care of my issue and your feedback. I see that the auto correction jumped in. Please let me explain my issue.

The game provides six stock colors: red, blue yellow and three others. According to my information one can change between those stock colors as many times without the need to spend a gold plane. As far as I know gold planes have to be spent for custom colors only. Is this true or do I have to spend one gold plane to unlock this feature initially.

As you can see in my screenshot I have two yellow tiles now. Here is what I tired. Be aware that this was the first time I tried to customize my liveries.

  1. I bought the Basic livery for my AT43
  2. I tried to change the stock green color to the stock blue color. I selected blue which was confirmed by checking the stock blue tile.
  3. I clicked the apply button and was asked to spent a gold plane (I thought this is needed to unlock this feature)
  4. The stock blue color displayed in my livery was changed to yellow and a second yellow tile was added automatically.

I hope this helped to clarify my issue. If so I agree to post the same issue in the interface thread.

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Yes that is correct

Although I have not heard of this issue, I don’t entirely know what could cause it

Two screenshots of both marked yellows would be nice. The hex code of them would be interesting to see if they’re really the same.


Great suggestion and both hex values are really different.
Yellow 1: #ffca00
Yellow 2: #ffd500

Based on your feedback I might better recall what happened. As I said, it was the first time I used this feature. To see what I can do and which options I have I played a little bit with everything. What confused me the first time and today again is the fact that you can open the hex editor and click one of the color tiles without closing the hex editor or placing the color picker in the hex editor at the place were I would expect the selected color tile to be (e.g. color picker in hex editor is somewhere in green and the new yellow tile is selected). In me screenshot you can see what I try to explain.

As I didn’t saw what I was expecting I had the impression that I had to pay to unlock the feature. In the end I wouldn’t call it an application but usability bug. Of cause, one could say that if someone would have paid more attention then this wouldn’t happen but I have heart of pilots landing at the wrong airport just because they were confused and had a wrong impression (I think this is called impression bias).

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