Colour Schemes

Why o why…?
I bought the B737-800 Triangles colour scheme for my airline. It is available for the ATR72 & Bae146 & B787 as well…great…! It isn’t available on the B757 nor the SF340 (not checked others)

But why is it not available on the B737-800F ??? Same basic plane (its not even an option) and I already paid for it once…!

I’m getting more frustrated with this game, if you cant make a single colour scheme for what you want to operate. I certainly wont be buying anything else.

I mean they’ll implement it someday, and I think the difference between cargo and passenger planes need to be taken into account since cargo (to my knowledge) came well after passenger planes so from more of my knowledge the dev team is small, so give them some time, some breathing space, there are already enough people whining on the google play store, but they will get to making the triangles livery on cargo (maybe) as I finally get to my point.