Concorde in Hangar

For all who ever wanted a Concorde

So in other words, as of tomorrow I can have my own Concorde fleet?

I guess you’ll need 100 gold planes to unlock them, but yes.

Well, it’s 1000 GP :crazy_face::grin:

i’ll miss the whining of not getting the Concorde :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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The Concorde was only available to the early crowd funding investors who paid real money for developing the game.

Maybe the 1000 GP’s is the equivalent of that investment.

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£24.99 I believe during crowd funding. If you buy the gold planes now it’s over £200. Atleast Concordes won’t be flooding everyone’s airports! :slight_smile:

Inflation? :yum: Or just discouragement.

Who knows :laughing: