Concorde Owners.. help!

Hi all, if anyone owns a Concorde at

Can you tell me the connection time between the various airport combinations. I do have them for anything with PRG, but it’s the others I need

Any support appreciated:)


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PRG - IAD is about 2,5h

It goes twice the speed of sound. If you send 1 subsonic and 1 supersonic, your connection player can’t catch a concorde if not played at that time. And I have owned a A320, so am I able to post things here?

It is always important to consider the best time of departure for each aircraft when you send it to your connection partners. Some of them play only in the evening and some all the day.
Rito, as I can see you are able to post anywhere . There is no topic without your comment.

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This is actually the exact reason for my request I have actually built a connection conversion system so you can figure out when you send so it can arrive at the correct time for your partner, Concorde was one of the pieces in the puzzle I needed to make it work.

Thank you @boruberry and my calculations-
Subsonic IAD-PRG=8 hours
Supersonic IAD-PRG=2 hours 30 mins
(Same timezone)
If player 1 sends both types of plane at 5 pm, then supersonic arrives at 7:30pm whereas subsonic planes arrives at 1 am and the concorde can stay till 11:30pm so can handle concorde, cannot handle any planes, can handle subsonic’s (If possible of staying awake) or play 2 times.

You are right. BUT as writtten above. You have to consider the time of departure for each aircraft individualy. I do not send the plane if I know my connection partner will nto be able to handle it.

Then send to hundreds of other airports.

That’s no good if you want to send them to connection partners.