Conectar usuarios. Connecting mates

Como conectamos usuarios para enviar y recibir aviones?
Compartimos nuestros nicknames? Las conexiones aleatoeias son muy demoradas.

How improve connectios to sent and receive visitors?
Can share nicknames?

It because random connections are not easy or quick.

Go to the Connections part of this site, pick the connection thread you want this set up and someone will likely respond. Random connections rarely work, here are people wanting to help

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Please let me know where you want the connection to be made? I am at NGO and i m connected with BRI, PRG, SAN & IAD. is vsb2001, GMT+5.30 time zone

Just on 3rd level. Inn bri pra.
My nickname is alrok77

Need a connection from my PRA to your NCO


Hi, i am already connected with somebody else at prg, bri and iah from my NGO. Sorry man.

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