Connectioms with me

Hi WOA players, I need these connectoins:
INN(me)- BRI(you)
INN fleet: 2 SAAB340B, 1 ATR72, 1DASH Q400, 1 CRJ 700, 2 E190
BRI(me)- INN(you)
BRI fleet: 2 ATR72, 1E190
PRG fleet: 2 DASH Q400
IAD fleet: 1 CRJ 700
NGO fleet: 1 Bae 146
Nickname (my): PoisounusGamer
UTC: +1 hour
Need connections with people which are active from 8:00 a.m to 8:00 p.m in this timezone. This people must have long haul fleet (to connections like for example from your PRG to my NGO). You must have some fleet. If you are interested in write comment below which connection do you want, your nickname and how many planes in your fleet do you have for this connection.
Thank you and goodbye.

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I only have INN and BRI for now, I just started PRG

  1. FLEET
  • 2x CRJ700
  • 3x ATR72 (upgrading to CRJ700, soon)
  • 1x E190
  • INN <-> BRI
  • INN <-> PRG
  1. FLEET
  • 2x CRJ700
  • 5x ATR72 (upgrading to CRJ700, soon)
  • 1x E190 (+1 expected in 5 days)
  • BRI <-> PRG
  • BRI <-> NGO
  • BRI <-> IAD
  1. FLEET
  • 1x DASH Q400
  • PRG <-> INN
  • PRG <-> BRI
  • PRG <-> NGO
  • PRG <-> IAD
  • IGN : Techestro
  • TIMEZONE : UTC+0530
  • PLAY TIMINGS : Mon-Sun - 1430 - 0100
  • CONVERSATION to UTC+0100 : 1000 - 1930

Thank you :)

Ok, but your connection INN-BRI is occupied.

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Try now, I accidentally tapped on “Random”

Ok you can now accepted my requests from my INN

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I can connect with you from any airport to my any airports.(I am really close to nayoga so can connect with nayoga later)

And do you have some fleet?

1 crj, 1 embruh190 and 1 saab

I will get a 757 when I complete level 30 of IAD and last level of PRG will give me a320

So write which connections do you want to connected with me? Note: My INN to PRG and BRI is alrefy occupied

PRG-IAD? I just have my fleet at IAD.

Wait also IAD(your) my PRG is alredy ocupied

NGO-IAD? at the end of this month.

Ngo - Iad is alredy occupied.

Go to the first massage and see which connections are free

OK, but please correct your spellings. Title name and last message’s ‘‘massage’’ tho there are viruses outside. I can’t go out. :rofl: :rofl:

Maybe I will make a fleet in NGO and connect with your PRG. My timezone is IST.


Accepted! :+1:
Just wanted to know, are you doing this for the Achievements (“Player Connection” and “Airport Connection”) or just to have Connections?

Also do you have Discord or IG or Twitter to have a better contact?

I can help with achievements from my BRI to your INN or PRG. I have a large fleet ready to go.

Also INN to your BRI or PRG.

Let me know or send connect request. My IGN is [blakewell]. Include the brackets. Time zone is -5 GMT (EST) and usually play in morning and evenings.