Connection Error Has Occured

For the last 2 months when logging in I always received this error, but through consistently pressing „tap to continue“ after about 2-3 times, I would manage to load the game. For over a week now I have spent hours trying to log in to the game without any success. I have tried various connections, my iPhone 11 is up to date, I have enough memory - so I believe something is either wrong with my account or the game. Can anyone help me please?

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Thats purely connected with connectivity to game store (not a game fault) hence connection is not stable (otherwise others will have exactly same situation).

Thank you for the explanation- but what can I do, who do I have to contact regarding this problem. Also if it was the game store wouldn’t my other games not connect? But they do! I am very grateful for any help as this is by far my favourite game.

There are some google internal issues. Devs saying it will be fixed withing … minutes :stuck_out_tongue:

Llevo 24h sin poder entrar en la app, se queda colgada al intentar cargar el juego. He probado borrar la caché, desinstalar y volver instalar el juego y sigo sin poder entrar.

¿También borraste el caché de Google Play?

Si, ya he borrado desde Google Play y no hay maneras de echar el juego a andar

¿Qué tipo de smartphone usas? Algunas personas tienen problemas con sus teléfonos xiaomi o redmi.

Redmi7 note

Envíe un mensaje directo en la página de Facebook o Instagram de World of Airports y explique el problema. No se que hacer. Sorry.