Connection’s requests at IAD

Looking for connections at SAN. Currently accepting M and L passenger aircraft. I play daily or every other day at times.

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Do you have any L aircraft and would it reach LHR?

I am only level 11 at san so I only have m’s there, but I have a 744 and a332f at iad if you’re looking for that?

You can send me one at LHR.
Username is Player6441009686

Can you send both into LHR?

I am at school so I’ll do it once I get home at around 4

Where do you live?
Just to know which time you will do it, because maybe I can be sleeping

I live in Canada it’s currently 2 p.m. here

Sure, I will send one to you and one to @Player1233


I live in Germany and it is 8 pm

I am about to send it now

What is your username

PlasticMonkey4712 is his username

Dude seriously?! How do you know my username?!

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i am your connection partner for your e170 and i just copy pasted from your Triple aircraft entering service

Oh ok my mistake

Ok I will try and send them now

Both have been sent!