Connection system update

Can devs maybe think of pimping the connection system a bit to make it more interesting to use? It’s pretty boring after you’ve reached the achievement once since there is no incentive to keep the connection running and furthermore you are earning even less than if you serve traditional airlines while wasting landing slots (which is essentially important at single runway airports).

It can be scaled a bit like the WoA-golden arrival, so that the more you play the more you have to serve but it would be still something you can focus on.

Another thing that should be rewarded is the handling of player aircraft where you don’t have a connection partner. Right now I’m rejecting big aircrafts from other players which happens a lot at SAN & PRG because the few L&XL-stands are not worth it being wasted with an A380 from player xy where I just get around 2500w. Maybe the 2-step-award-system could be changed to the existing single player strike with your connection partner and a total handled player aircraft (connection partners and others)?

The connection thing is the only social ingame interaction between players and it’s a cool thing that should maybe get a bit more attention. What do you think?


Oh and what I forgot, there should be at least double the money for handling player aircraft. Right now I get way more from handling classic airlines than from player airlines


I totally agree with all. After comleting all the connections there is no more motivation to send the planes to the connection player. Let´s hope that alliances will bring the new fresh air to the game.


Thanks, agree! And we should earn more money for sending planes to connection partner as well.

I almost sold all my big birds because there is no point in flying e.g. IAD-NGO or NGO-PRG without burning money. There must be a solution! We must be able to fly connections without losing money.

Worst part is an A380 coming from IAD to your SAN. You almost get nothing but handling takes ages. I reject all of them as well.


I tend to look at the livery, if it’s a nice one I’ll let it in lol


If burning money so as much has possible. I sold all of my L/XL and slowly replacing them with Concordes :innocent: