Connection Timing file - Latest Version - V4

New Version that includes A306F, A30BF, AN12, AN22, SF34F, LEJ and any back additions for missing pieces that I found. Because I don’t own everything, especially the Concorde, certain timings may be estimated, with the exception of Concorde, they should only be off by a minute or two tops. Any Concorde owners that can send me the right timings, would be greatly appreciated. Please comment at the bottom.

Connections Timings

So why do we make everyone put their time-zone and times they play on connection requests?
Because times matter…

There is no use sending planes to people that get there at 4am when the vast majority of people are asleep, so with that, i created a conversion table, which is now available for folks to use.

A Few things.

  1. If you are going to use this, PLEASE save as a new file, so you are not trying to overwrite what someone else is doing. As new aircraft are added, I will update and release a new version for everyone.
  2. The filters are dependent on each other, so sometimes they may not catch properly, if that happens, just start over, and the new pick list will come up.
  3. Data has been aligned to aircraft that can make those trips. So if you are trying to send a BAE146 from PRG to NGO, it’s not going to work. (Don’t blame me!), anything else will error out.
  4. UTC- 0 is UK time, this does NOT currently take account of daylight savings times changes, but as that’s only an hour, should not impact for the most part. anything - time is West of the UK, +time is east.

I have endeavored to make this as accurate as possible, if something doesn’t work, drop a comment on this post and I will take a look, it’s usually an easy fix.

So there you have it, the unofficial WOA Time Convertor, hope it’s useful and good luck.


Thank you for your work in this :+1: