Connection to INN

Hi guys, I’m looking for someone to accept my contract from INN to anywhere (BRI, LEJ, PRG, LHR). Let me know your nicknames in the comments.

What plane?

Size S (DH8D and AT76)

I can take 1 to LEJ

Is there any more aircraft?

Neerg Air at BRI

SF34 is left @Ecoaviation
I’ve sent the request @Neerg

Alright I’ll take to LHR

I just noticed that I don’t have range to go to LHR :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh rip!

Leaves me with BRI, PRG and LEJ

Well since LHR is my main priority I will not able to go to any of the airports. Sorry :neutral_face:

By the way, I have a question. What do the green and yellow lines mean next to airplanes? I cannot seem to figure it out :confused:

That means that’s the time limit to handle if it is red that means it’s late