Connections available from BRI

many aircraft available for connections with your airports.
A couple of A350 too.

Send me requests, if your want to handle my planes please share your nick


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I’m In Bri and in PRG
Hit me up at Holomyth320

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Send some to me at NGO and IAD,my username is Player6441009686

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a350s to IAD and NGO
ID : vsbmotors18

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@Rebemanu HI !! my ID: odREjiO16JQw0NkpJXTH at PRAGUE. if possible ! Thank you

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Can it be sent to LHR?

Yes, 2 B738F if you want

Sent some to everyone! If you want to send some planes my nick is Rebemanu


Yea go ahead and send both into LHR
Username: PlasticMonkey4712

I found in transfer more 2 B77W, 4 E190, 6 B752 and another B738F… who wants them?

Send me the B77W at NGO

And maybe some b752 at Muscat and my username is Player6441009686

If you accept my previous request I can send you the L’s… because they are still in the apron :smile: you prefer IAD or NGO?

NGO, please.

Ok… I’m handling now… I’m going to send both 77W in NGO.

Still have one A35K

Is it still available?

Yes but game doesn’t allow to send it in PRG from BRI

Oh dang it.

You can send it to me at NGO my username is Player6441009686