Connections from LHR

Hi i have loads of planes from LHR that i need to send out to.

Please let me know your destination and preferred type and i can request you.

Additionally i am also accepting requests for any of you that want to fly your planes to LHR and SAN. Im playing between the two airports frequently.

My username is kaseyap

Which type of aircraft do you have

Planes i have are


Send me some at Muscat my username is Player6441009686


You should recieve a contract offer for a boeing 787

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You can send something to my MCT or NGO. You can choose what you want. IGN: JonnieBlomme

I’ll also send something back when I have available

you can send a340 a330 a332F to my IAD i will send a35k soon
IGN vsbmotors18

I’ll take some to SXM

Send me anything at SXM
User: Neerg Air


Ive requested to Muscat on an A340

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I requested an Embrarer from SAN

@Plane_Enthusiast username please


I send 1 A346 to your LHR and 1 B789 to your SAN

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@Plane_Enthusiast requested an A330 from LHR to SXM

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