Hi. I seem to never get connections. I have tried from all airports but never get visits.

If anyone can help that would be amazing

WARGASM currently in PRG


hope that following steps will help you. :wink:

First you need to create connection:

Than you have 2 ways:

  1. Find random player
  2. Find your connection partner by nickname

First one is automatic, you just have to press the button.
If you want to find your partner by nickname you have to do following steps:

After all you have to wait until your connection partner send you the plane.

Have a lot of fun. :smiley:


Tried many times the Random connection Possibility from Prague to Bri and Inn. At least 40 or more times. It never works. Not one succesfull although constantly online. Very strange. What’s wrong?

Yeah i have to admit the random connections aren’t that great and usually match with people that dont service your planes

Same here. 24 L planes in IAD, all revved up and no place to go.

hi, u can fly to my airport at BRI , Im play everyday winner676

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hi, u can fly to my airport at BRI , Im play everyday winner676

HI guys i need connection with PRG , IAD

nik: winner676
currently in BRI

i’ve sent you a request form IAD

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You can request connections next time in a post specifially for connections. Theres a category for that #connections-requests


I see there is writing (connections)