Contract algorithms

I have mentioned this before but really would like to know how this works.

At LHR all my local contract offers are BA E170’s.

As someone who wants my airports as close to real life as possible this is mega frustrating, so how does the algorithm work?

Can we not get more airbus a/c more frequently, in line with real life? If not can we remove the BA E170/190 from LHR?

I know I can get contracts myself on the world map but it seems to be the only airport where local contracts don’t mirror real life.

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Lol been playing the game ever since contracts came out and have never figured it out either.
Also never got anything except the BA E170s and very rare E190s at LHR.
Same goes for the E170/E175 and very rare B738 of Oman Air at MCT. After the A320 family rework also get the A321F and A20N of Salam Air…others never seen in local contracts.

I have found that the algorithm picks a random destination and airline that is local, and then takes the leftmost available contract to that destination, so you will ONLY generate BA E170s in local LHR except for a few situations:
A, you already have all BA planes to the left of your contract roll from that route, or
B, I believe there are a very small handful of destinations that do not have BA E170 as their first local contract.
This appears to hold true at all airports and for all stars.
This explains why you only roll E170s at LHR local, and the reason why only BA appears is literally because they are the only local contracts in all of LHR.

Surely there is a way this can be changed so it randomises the offering

I have found, that if you either buy a map contract or accept a (randomly generated) contact offer then you will get more of that plane type and/or airline in randomly generated contacts. For example after the A320 remodel I bought a Transavia A21NX from IAD. Now I seem to get an A21NX every time I generate an international contract. It does depend if other kinds of local contracts are available from LHR, but if you take a local map contract that is not a BA e170, it could help. I don’t know how it actually works this is just from experience.

There are no other local contract airlines except for BA, and aircraft you have purchased do not factor in. The reason you keep rolling NXs is because they are the leftmost available contracts on a number of intl routes from Europe, and it would have started more or less right after the update, not explicitly once you bought one

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