Contracts, upgrades and extensions

I just came back to the game after not playing for about half a year and am not sure about how contracts, contract upgrades and contract extensions work as the tutorial does not go in depth about the topic. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could give me a brief explanation. Thanks.

Idk how to explain everything but you can look in the “FAQ’s and how to play” category in this forum

I looked and there is nothing really useful for me but thanks for the recommendation

me need help plas

Ok so you can buy contracts, which give you the flight. Contracts upgrade every few handlings. The first tier requires 1 handling to the get the rewards, the second tier requires two, and so on up to the max tier of ten. The number of handlings is indicated by the number of those little planes in the contract card that are filled green. Rewards get better for each tier. For all rewards you get an upgrade which increases the contract tier, and an extension which continues the contract. If you don’t handle the contract on time then you only get an extension, not an upgrade.

Salutations! I’m new to the game and forum. I’ve learned a lot from playing and trail and error. Obviously, I’m currently @ INN, level 28, 3 stars. And, I recently unlocked BRI airport. That said, my questions follow:

  1. Are L/XL pads available @ INN? If so, I have killed many brain cells trying to figure it out.
  2. Is it not possible to transfer one’s contracts, gold and silver planes, and above all, Wollars? Or, is the strategy to move to the next airport and build from square 1?

Thank you in advance for your responses.


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Inn has only s and m pax stands, 2 s and m cargo stands. No L n x. Bri has only L pax, alongwith s n m pax and cargo. From prg until lhr all type of stands of pax n cargo available except sxm where only s n m cargo, alongwith regular pax. Only silver planes and gold planes are common throughout the game. Wollars are airport specific, as are contracts, fleet and workmen.

Thank you for the kind response. In short, I’ll have to leave my money behind since it can’t be transferred. :joy: Im really feeling some kind of way about this. I’ve massed a fortune at INN. But, on to BRI.

Yes each individual airport is considered exactly that. Individual, we might get fleet transfers in the future, but that has not been confirmed. For right now. Keep your cash for future plane purchases and if you have saved GP, you can turn that into starter cash at your next airport