Contracts WIKI

What are contracts?
It’s an agreement between a plane and your Airport to:

  • Land
  • Receive Service
  • Take-off

Which planes count towards your total allowable contracts?
All planes receiving service:

  • Airline planes
  • Other player’s planes
  • Your planes*
    *Your planes may land and occupy a stand without having a contract, they cannot be serviced until they have a contract.

What’s the difference between each Contract type?

Airline Contracts:

  • Local Contract - random S sized plane - 1 h cooldown
    Free, no cost
  • Regional Contract - random S or M size plane - 24 h cooldown
    Each Contract costs Wollars, cooldown costs 1000 silver planes
  • International Contract - random M, L or X size plane - 48 h cooldown
    Each Contract costs Wollars, cooldown costs 2 gold planes
  • Map Contract - you choose a specific plane from a specific airport.
    Each Contract costs Wollars. Plane size is limited by your airport.

Player Contracts:
When you send your planes to an in game airport (INN, BRI, but not JFK) you may choose to send them to a specific player. You can find players on this forum or on the discord server. Each plane sent counts towards the total number of contracts at your (sending) airport.

The Blue Random Player Arrival requires a free contract space (for the duration of the service) and will produce a player plane for you to service once. Then you get the contract space back. The player’s name will appear as a possible contact when you send your planes to the airport from which the plane originated.

What kind of Rewards come from Contracts?
You get XP and silver planes for servicing planes in a timely fashion.

Contracts have grades, the first grade requires you to service the plane 1 time, in return you would get (for example) 4 silver planes and 1 XP, and the option to upgrade the contract to grade 2.
Grade 2 requires you to service the plane 2 times before you get the rewards … you get the idea.
The rewards continue increasing up to grade 10. Each grade gives you, on average, more rewards per service then the prior grade.

Once you complete grade 10 you receive rewards and the option to repeat grade 10.

How do I get more contracts?

When can you Cancel a contract?

  • When the plane is “Not being serviced at your airport” you may cancel the contract.
    As soon as you assign a stand to the plane the CANCEL button is deactivated.
    It will reactivate when you clear the plane for push back or take-off (verify?)

The cancel button comes back as soon as you push back (since that’s when the plane timer starts to it’s next destination).

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@NocturnalNinja did you play WOA before 2.0 becuase if you did then you could transfer some contracts from airport


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These transfer Contracts?

When Contracts first were released (prior to 2.0) they were much easier to get.