I wonder if the contract thing also impact connection partners as well. They come from the same destinations as the ingame planes.

I think this is more to do with generic aircraft. I’m thinking connections maybe exempt. However if they do go ahead with this reputation idea, which they have talked about for a long time now. It may not have an impact regarding contracts but not servicing partner aircraft may get a hit to your reputation.

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The devs are answering some questions on Discord about contracts and silver planes. I’m going to make a video about it too, hopefully.

Well I will make sure I see that if you do! I interested on about this stuff!

Basically contracts won’t be active on own planes or connections. Just generics. But reading between the lines, there’s a new reputation system going in that could well be impacted by ability to service any aircraft.

Plus there’s also a deicing mini game coming

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Nice, can’t wait for De-Icing!

For those who can’t wait, follow the discussion in the # ? ask-the-developer section on Discord.

I am waiting for more information on questions that others have asked and I’m interested in.


In my opinion, after some deliberation, It’s nice thing, and can be good instrument for game balancing.

For example, You can make contract’s only one way to get silver planes.
You can ask wait, how about user’s planes? And here we have answer. Depend from difficulty of contract’s, player owned planes can help gain more reputation, plus you can make that some type of planes can give you more reputation than other’s, plus you can it’s logically substantiate, like contractor like specific planes/type of planes (Yep, I talking about S planes).
So it’s will make player to have a diverse fleet of plane’s.

To make impossible to fast reuse aka farming easy contract’s for silver planes, it can be added cooldown for use contract.
Plus time limit for contract’s etc.
Plus it’s will be nice idea to make some planes 1 time buy for silver planes + W money (like 1 silver plane and 50000W), why? because now system make you unlock one plane forever, and then rebuy it for W money, and that in one moment you will have all planes opened, tonn of GP.
The main idea of ideal game balance it’s to make user to use all in game money, and to make constant turnover of ingame resources, so that I always have to feel small lack of money, silver planes etc, and make me want to make more contract’s to get this.
Plus make some very, very difficult contract to gain 1 specific planes, that can’t be unlocked by any other mean’s. And I mean not to unlock, namely 1 contract 1 plane.
So much idea’s in head and suggestion and so difficult them to organize.

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Just heard this morning. Contracts will not be in the next update but will follow shortly after LEJ is released.


Thanks! Any news you hear regarding Silver Planes? Or will it get delayed as well?

Nothing on silver planes. Testing phase coming soon so I will know more then.

That’s too bad about the contracts not in the next update. When is LEJ Airport release? I see graphic pictures of LEJ and testing pictures.

I am assuming the LEJ will have a new airport icon in the game menu?

No official time scale yet, bug fixes haven’t been posted and final testing has not commenced

Contracts were moved for another update. Same for AN-22

1.5.1 was released with the an 22 and contracts but I don’t see anything to do with them

1.5.1 is only a bug fix for Android users. Contracts and the AN-22 will come in another update, presumably another bug fix will be released for all once the Android issues are solved.

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The android bug was fixed but just now takes forever to load.