Crj 7

Why does the CRJ7 in game use portable stairs when it has its own set of stairs on the door?
Makes no sense!

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Perhaps this issue you point out will be fixed when an advanced model comes out for the CRJ7s.
Ultimately, this game is still a work in progress so we have to be patient for increased realism. (I think this game already is quite realistic, but I get your point nonetheless.)


Even the atr has its own stairs yet used the portable ones, I bet it’s something that will come over time

At many real airports, mobile stairs or ramps are used in favor of airstairs because they have a shallower angle and better railings and walking surfaces, providing better safety, user comfort and better throughput.

(Yes I know it’s not a CRJ)

I noticed that too

Also real CRJs use jetways how come not in woa?

I think it has something to do with how the game is coded. I noticed all the planes that currently use a jetbridge have a stair connected to the rear door which the cleaning crew uses. So they probably didn’t make the CRJ connect with a jetbridge because otherwise the cleaning crew couldn’t enter

Concorde doesn’t have a second door, however at that point the cleaning crews become wizards and float then phase through the jetway

In the real CRJ, the cleaners would come through the jetbridge. Alternatively, they use the opposite side where the catering is from.

that’s true

close enough. Q-200

That’s the Q-400. Horizon does not have -200s.

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They don’t now, but they used to, and this is a looooot smaller than a Q400.