Crowded airport

I don’t think it’s just me. Before multiple runways can be used,the airport will very crowded. You can share and rate the most crowded airports in this post.
(It’s a little incredible that they haven’t solved the problem until now.)

I highly doubt it is a ‘problem’… It is just how you set the takeoff to landing ratio.

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Yeah. Prague kind of needs 2 to 1, departures to arrivals. The planes then kind of become a landing wave, then takeoff wave then back again. Just how it is with just 1 runway.

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I play BRI & IAD and think.its too big for only receiving (me) less than 2 planes an hour period. Frustrated right now. Burning through Wollers like crazy. Bought a plane (Fleet/Snow White) the paint didn’t work and still waiting on radar que for arrival … Still waiting :rage:.

INNS gets just enough to build up. Im.about ready to drop the game. It needs something to pick it up. Connections could use a leg up in actual hooking up flights.


Now with “Line up” button you can easily get rid of departing planes queue. It is much easier now than before. (I know what I am writing about: INN 1,7M pax, PRG 13M pax handled …).

BTW I always set ratio to 3:1 and then watch the queue and intervene in time (push the “Line Up” button) before big problem occurs.