Curiosities about the update

when the new update comes out, and what will it include apart from the new planes and the airport

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Add 2D radar
Contracts added
New Airline Manager
(1) It is now possible to move your own planes to non-play airports. To do so, you need to re-register for a fee.
(2) Added “WEAR” as a new maintenance system.

More realistic sound added.

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I also wonder about building hubs. For example SMX Main hub is Winair airlines.
I think the developers should put main hub airlines on the buildings for each airport.

I really like the concept of contracts, as the current system isn’t really that realistic. But will i keep all of my purchased arrivals or will they reset?

You will keep all your current arrival / departure.

Glad to know, thanks

I look forward to the update, I heard the idea of contracts very well, it is very interesting