Custom airport?

So i saw on the indiegogo page about a feature « build you’re own airport » is that project still alive? If yes when?

Thank you for you’re reply


I think that’s a future implementation, maybe for an anniversary update?


That is still a plan sometime in the future :slight_smile: As much as i wish to see it tomorrow currently we have some discussions how to approach this… I am pushing for phase 1 with simple “INN”-like single runway airport with some customization options by players.

Do not expect it to be soon. There are pile of cool stuff before that. I saw first models of airplanes with flaps / retractable gear and reverse of engines where it applies… and more.


Hey @shill; just a shout out that we appreciate you!


Good, haters gonna hate anyway :slight_smile: I am having wild fun with baby criers on facebook currently :stuck_out_tongue:


@shill for the custom airport thing what if you give the player 100,000 W that they can use like this:
the player chooses 1 of 3 base plates (increasing in size and money)
then, the player has the freedom of creating their airport (ie; where to place the runway and terminal or tower position)
after that, the players place their stand(s) and the computer will try to recognize and create a path that the plane can go on.
The player can then have some sort of contract letting any 1-3 airlines have their hub there.
Then the game can continue as normal but with custom airport exclusive events or whatnot.
I know this might be a lot of work but the time frame is huge and I believe in the devs of this great game to be able to this someday :slight_smile:

The airport could be upgraded and that post made the other day about in airport services could fit in well here.
I know there’s a lot of time skips in between but I do think the devs could maybe fill in those holes cause my ideas may be a tiny bit too big so yeah…
and what if the player could use all 3 plates (meaning they will own 3 separate airports). they can choose which area in the world they want to place the airport and other important locations.
a lot of the ideas I have given here is inspired by the steam game Airport CEO.
Before even trying to implement any of this I would suggest making a few 2-3 runway airports and maybe better AI pathfinding


That airfield is better create offline i think. The same as Idea with prg35

I mean, that would be easier to code yes. but if they can pull it off it might be a thing i online play (even though I don’t know how they’ll pull it off)