Custom Livery (Management Suggestion)

Custom liveries have been a huge ask for a while, so a way to implement them would be a huge success.

This would be a huge ask from the devs, but a couple of suggestions from me to have this kind or even fully work.

You could do one of two things:

  • Create a seperate app purely focusing on design.
  • A new section in the forum page.

A fee of example 1GP could be used to access the editor per livery, and you can only submit 1 livery per month. And every week one day say Thursday, a dev or forum moderator could fo through them with the option to accept, deny or block/ban (incase of inappropriate use)
Concept art of the moderator menu: (made in Samsung picture editor so nothing special lmao)

Really doubt this would happen but hey, would be very welcome.


I know this post is over a decade old, but it popped up as one of the “latest topics” so here I am. So, in response …

Believe me, I’ve been dreaming about custom liveries for several years. Almost as long as I’ve been playing the game. If the devs decided to implement custom liveries, I would support it 100% despite the easily foreseeable problems.

But of course the devs are probably thinking, “The amount of enforcement power this would require from our relatively small company would simply be too much.” Yeah. Too many people who are immature – even as adults they think their genitals are something to giggle about. There would be tons of inappropriate airline names and porn everywhere. Then there would be all of the racially, politically, ethnically, genderly, etc. explosive names designed to incite anger, arguments and ruin the peaceful atmosphere of the game.

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I know it is over half a year but can you please move it to new game features

Over a decade old…?