Custom tail logos

It would be nice to customized our own fleet logos for our custom fleet tails and livery name on the side. I am not talking about our user names but names like Eastern, Air Cal, Western, PAN Am, Midway, TWA, NWA, Pacific Western, CP Air, and Quebec Air. Using old logos from the past companies that are no longer in services.
This idea along with the airline name you wish to add to your fleet.
With the other airlines that WOA developers have created realistic liveries, our own fleet has nice colours but no logo or name to identify the airline. If we own a fleet, we should be able to buy our own airline airport ground service vehicles and hanger for our fleet to be in services.


Names are on a couple of aircraft already. Comet, C17 and Saab

The rest are planned to be done at some point, but it’s a small dev team and they have a lot of stuff to work on. (It’s on the consideration list on the website)

I kind of agree on the tails, it would be cool, in time, but plenty of stuff to do yet

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