Deactivating random player arrivals

I mentioned this on discord and figured I’d say it here


I do agree with this, especially for LEJ. I’m getting never ending streams of ATRs from INN and it’s getting really annoying.


There are always ATRs coming from inn, always.


In my opinion, the connection option should be revised, it should be more predictable, and maybe with more grade reward, especially for long-term connection partners, so finding a connection partners be more valuable and beneficial. Even more, if you want, you may have possibility to have multi-partner connection in one airport for same destination.

When you open up more M and L stands/gates the stream will thin out. Having your own M and higher planes helps too.

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It doesn’t help me. Today I have received 4 Stars from random players. I have unlocked all PAX stands and almost all cargo ones.

Adding on to this, if this idea does get rolled out, it is most likely that everyone will deactivate it. So there should be a slightly higher reward for handling random player planes that pop up at any airport as a counter side to the idea.

Also, while we are at higher rewards, why don’t the devs also implement a system where players can complete the ‘100 Player’ (not 'Airport) connection infinite times, earning 100 SPs everytime (like it is now). But this has to be done with different players.


That surprises me. I have 1/3 of the stands/gates opened at LEJ (mostly L and M) and get only 3 or 4 S owner planes in each “cycle”.

The player´s planes were rewarded by higher amount of Wollars than generic planes in the past. I always remember about this when player´s ATR arrives from INN to my LEJ with onl few Wollars reward :X

or as variant, make that S plane give 1 SP, M plane 2 SP, L plane 3 SP, X Plane 4sp.

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Oo idea, what about turning off random planes for people EXCEPT those who you put their username in a box that you are alright with having their planes arrive
Sort of adds onto multiple airport connections, for example let’s say I deactivate other player arrivals yet for the player I do want I send mini connection requests, let say just on the forum send each other connection requests but don’t allow anyone other than forum people

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