Dear kindness and lovely admin Please provide gamer name tool on our profile and please provide tool or button on hangar to create our airplanes livery name to make our airplanes good looking and more fun

Dear kindness and lovely admin,

Please provide button to change gamer name on our profile, and please provide button on hangar to create our own airplane name on our livery, please… I have 104 airplanes now… so make this game more fun n entertaining to all gamers whose playing world of airport game… have a great play, have a nice flight… oh ya I pray to moderator on this game whose his wife getting cancer be recovery quickly… :heart::hugs::ok_hand::+1::sunglasses::indonesia::pray::pray:

Sincerely yours,

Octavianus Martahan Gultom

You cannot change your name or recover a hacked account, can you stop making more threads and thinking an admin will give you admin tools…
And please take a grammar course

Seems to be one of those ‘indian childs’, basicay those are usually minors, from Asian continent. And they such a big thread for a small thing, thinking that its the best way. I see this every week and it’s really annoying, no offense but it’s not the most clever way to do it.

My account had been hacked?

Who are you to judge others for their grammar?

Yeah hence you can’t recover a hacked account…

He just told him that his grammar is bad, so chill mate…

And you are … ?

Does it matter who he is?