Deicing is so annoying

I know you can skip the mini games but, it’s getting annoying, that every X Planes has to go through deicing even without servicing other aircraft, especially X cargo planes.

In real life decing is done on safety grounds, when the temps are low, so this is part of the process whatever type of plane it is, simply click the x, move on to something else and a couple of minutes later it will be ready to go. Clock has already stopped at that point so you don’t lose anything

I kinda keep skipping it, will the deicing be in the next update, pretty sure it’s not gonna be remove?

yep I know. Switching to MCT is a good way to aviod deicing operation, only MCT’s old terminal crossing rwy is bad and I have to stick with IAD.

Some airports do remote deicing, away from the gate or even at a designated deicing facility. I think for example IAD is already doing this for some operations. It would be nice if WoA followed.