Deleting gates

Is it possible or could we get it like we can delete gates, cause I am tired that S planes are making my airport so busy and keeping runways on use always.


You can’t close stands, but you could buy a Saab 340 for 15000 and leave it there.

The ultimate way to delete stands is to restart the airport which I have done on NGO, IAD and PRG, you need to make sure you do the following before you do:

  1. Convert any cash you have at the airport into Gold Planes by buying and selling Saab’s (best return), but it takes a while to do.
  2. You will keep owned planes and destinations but lose any remaining cash apart from the 10k starting money. You will also lose the airport streaks for your connections, I don’t know about the levels, but I assume that too.
  3. Once you reset build out the airport to your new requirements. Noting that you probably need between 500 and 1.5m to do that depending on how much you want to rebuild.

I did that for IAD as I literally had 60 owned planes sitting there doing absolutely nothing because I didn’t want to clog my airport with the arrivals which at one point were close to 1/2 an hour from acceptance to landing and I really didn’t have the time to service them.
Now that the new timer is in place so glad I did as I would have lost a ton of level points trying to keep up with it all.

Memo to all newbies: be careful opening up your airports too much especially NGO and IAD it’s a pain to deal with and you will get frustrated. I’m just glad I built up enough cash to hit the big red button and rebuild, so much better for playing.

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Thank you for your answers, I see if I can do something of these.

I don’t know about the levels, but I assume that

No the levels stay which is a good thing on the devs and our side.

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Now it is easier to manage connections so don´t open any for S planes. I do it this way and I get really few of S planes on my airports which is OK.