Departure slot

Hi WOA people.

I started to enjoy this game and thanks to the [WoA - user interface (guide) & basic game informations].
Really thanks!

I have a small question regarding the Departure slots.
I can understand the arrival slots but not the departure.
How they are used in the game?

Thanks all for your help.


Hi Fabio,
Welcome to the community!
Arrival slots are for you to send aircraft from your own fleet to that certain destination.

My own fleet.


No worries :wink:

Question about departures slot…I have 2 slots open at SID Espargos yet it does not show up as a destination from PRG for my B757 which have a range of 3915nm. SID Esepargos is 2684nm away.

Your pilots probably don’t want to go.
Mine starts properly.

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BUAHAHA, new update your pilots can go on strike. Maybe it’s my iPad, it’s old and is not big on memory.

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I found the issue, I was unaware that you have to scroll the destinations to see them all. I’m glad it only took me till my 3rd airport to figure it out. DOH!!!:man_facepalming:t3:

Im rather new to this. I seem to be buying planes (funds go down) but I cant see them in my fleet. And therefore I cant assign them a destination.

Where did you buy the planes exactly? And how much did they cost?

When you pay silver planes you unlock an aircraft type, it only makes it available to purchase. Then you have to pay W to purchase each aircraft.

To take delivery of your new plane, you have to have an available stand of the correct type. At each airport you can receive small passenger planes from the beginning, but you won’t be able to receive a medium, large or x-large passenger plane or any cargo plane until you’ve built the correct stand for it.

I have had the same three airplanes at Prague for almost a week. I. have everything updated and purchased. I am confused about arrival and departure slots though. It just says “available”. Where do I go from there?

Departure slots are for your planes. Arrival slots are for other airlines’ planes. If you want to see more planes, once you have enough keys, tap on the icon to unlock an arrival slot, then select the plane you want.

Thank you. Got it now. So, it seems that I cannot purchase a plane with wollors, only silver planes (and gold which I will never have). That is a huge disappointment. I have lots of wollars and can’t purchase silver stars or planes. Will be another month at least before I have enough silver planes. Why does it say “purchase price $50,000?”.

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You can unlock the planes with either silver or gold planes. This allows you to then buy the plane with Wollars.

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And don’t forget you will unlock 4 aircraft types for free by getting the achievements at each airport:

  • INN: AT76
  • BRI: B462
  • PRG: E190
  • IAD: CRJ7

Thanks so much. I’m learning.

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Hey Highbad…So, starting today, when I look to see how many passengers I have left to unlock the next airport, the numbers have completely disappeared. Any ideas? Hope they come back soon. I do not plan to ever pay to play so I really want to get to Washington.

Where are you looking at it? On the main menu or the :trophy: achievements button from within the airport? Sometimes the numbers don’t show up when there’s a connectivity problem.